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Buffalo Cannabis Advisors was established to help cannabis businesses excel in the ever-challenging industry. We offer comprehensive capabilities and deep industry hands-on experience essential to help you solve your cannabis company’s issue(s).

Terry Buffalo, CEO of Buffalo Cannabis Advisors
Terry Buffalo, CEO of Buffalo Cannabis Advisors

We are focused exclusively on the unique opportunities and challenges facing the private and public companies in the cannabis sector as the landscape rapidly evolving.

We are a forward-thinking company that has wealth of experience providing expert guidance to cannabis companies on matters relating to business strategy, financial guidance, and M&A services.
Your success is our mission.

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Terry is a versatile, enthusiastic, tactful, and highly accomplished executive with extensive experience in private and public sector engagements, primarily overseeing the deployment of multi-billion dollar asset expansions and ensuring SEC compliance for publicly traded companies. Highly experienced with over 30 years in investment/financial advising and 8 years in the Cannabis Industry. Accomplished influencer working extensively throughout the U.S. speaking on numerous panels to discuss cannabis financing and market/industry trends.

Kevin Harrington

Kevin Harrington, the renowned entrepreneur and original Shark from Shark Tank, has shares his thoughts regarding Terry Buffalo and Buffalo Cannabis Advisors. With his extensive experience in the world of business, Harrington’s insights hold significant weight for business leaders and entrepreneurs alike.

We can help you
with these solutions

Icon Business Development

Business Development

Initial setup, strategic planning, entity structures, sales, marketing and licensing.

Icon Business Mentoring

Business Operations

Performance management to help your business grow and realize better value. 


Provide guidance to capital raise, help in structuring funds, preparing for capital raise, Reg-A. Reg-D, crowdfunding, capital markets advisory and financial strategy.

Buffalo Cannabis Advisors Services
Icon CEO

Fractional C-Level

A great alternative for your company when you don’t have enough time or money to hire full-time but need their expertise and knowledge.

Advisory & Corporate Boards

Providing boards with diverse skills, knowledge, backgrounds, and experiences to bring additional value to your company.

Merger & Acquisitions

Buy and sell side advising. DD, presell prep work, divestiture, restructuring and reorganization. Pre-IPO, SPACs, SPVs.

Accounting, Banking & Insurance Solutions

Providing strategic alliances with compliant solutions for your company.

Icon Pre Sales

Pre-Sale/Exit Advisory

Strategic pre-sale advisory to help maximize your company’s value and successful transition.

For us, trust is the foundation of our relationship with our clients and vendors. We value high-quality performance and aim for excellence in all our transactions.

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growing cannabis indoors hemp cultivation technique

We are here to help every client grow their business no matter if the news is good or bad, we must do what’s best for your cannabusiness.

Our Value


Trust is of the foundation of our relationship with our clients and vendors.

Performance & Excellence

We value high quality performance and aim for excellence in all our transactions.

Founded on 3 main principals



Hear the clients concerns and wants.



Build a custom advisement plan that suits the clients current and future needs.



We are here to help every client grow their business no matter if the news is good or bad, we must do what’s best for the business.

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Who We Serve


Current operating cannabis companies

Dispensaries, Cultivators, Manufactures and Ancillaries


Cannabis consultants, accountants and lawyers


Venture Capital funds and intuitional investors


Buyers and Sellers of any cannabis company


Family offices


Cannabis landlords

Are you ready to take the next step?

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or an entrenched professional, our team offers the cannabis expertise, influence and track record to bring your vision to life. Let’s work together to turn your cannabis business objectives into a reality.

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